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Digital X-Rays in Louisville, Boulder & Superior, CO

Internal injuries can be difficult to diagnose by first glance or a physical examination, requiring a more thorough look before treatment can begin. Imaging tests are available to diagnose internal injuries, including digital x-rays at AFC Urgent Care Louisville & AFC Boulder. Our center has a digital radiology department on-site, allowing us to take images, analyze them and provide you with a diagnosis and begin treatment immediately. AFC Urgent Care Louisville & AFC Boulder are able to perform x-rays on walk-in patients seven days a week after an injury, as well as provide efficient treatment during the same visit.

What is the difference between digital and traditional x-rays?

Traditional x-rays and digital x-rays serve largely the same function: capture internal images to allow doctors and physicians to get a better look at injuries to determine the best course of treatment. Traditional x-rays require high amounts of radiation to capture images, which can be harmful to patients. The images from traditional x-rays then need to be brought to a lab in order to have the film developed. Due to the time it takes to process the film, you can be waiting for hours to get a diagnosis. Traditional films are also large and can be difficult to transport to specialists and store for your records. Digital x-rays are captured and processed in under two minutes, and your physician will be able to zoom in and out to make sure they treat the entire injury, reducing the chance of chronic pain issues due to undetected and untreated injuries. Digital x-rays can also be saved to a convenient flash drive, which allows for easy storage and can be easily transported between your home and the doctors’ office. 

What can be diagnosed with a digital x-ray?

Accidents happen all the time that can lead to injury, from falls to trips, kitchen and sports accidents and minor fender benders. A wide range of injuries can be diagnosed by taking a digital x-ray, including:

  • Bone breaks and fractures
  • Muscle sprains and strain
  • Tendon and ligament tears
  • Joint damage and injuries
  • Bruises

Digital X-Rays for Internal Injuries in Louisville, Boulder & Superior, CO

If you have sustained an injury and can’t tell what it is by looking at its appearance, visit AFC Urgent Care Louisville & AFC Boulder for x-rays and treatment. Our center is open to walk-in patients seven days a week, with evening and weekend hours to accommodate the unpredictable nature of injuries. Most major insurance plans are accepted. For more information, please call 720-961-9700.