Effective Tuesday, 9/14 all COVID testing will be by appointment only at both Louisville & Boulder clinics.
Please click the link under the location of your choice to schedule an appointment. Appointments must be scheduled online. Do not call to schedule an appointment.

COVID-19 testing for Hawaii (by appointment only), travel, PCR, & rapid testing available at both centers. See below for more details & appointments. 

COVID-19 Rapid Testing serving Louisville, Boulder, Superior & surrounding areas

COVID-19 Rapid Testing in Louisville & Boulder, CO

COVID-19 Testing

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COVID-19 Information

AFC Urgent Care Louisville & Boulder offer all the information you may need about COVID-19

AFC Urgent Care Louisville is now performing Abbott ID NOW COVID-19 diagnostic swab tests as well as rapid antigen tests seven days a week with same-day results. The ID NOW Test is a molecular test that can provide results within the same DAY, unlike the standard PCR test. The rapid test is available under emergency use authorization from the FDA.

Rapid diagnostic testing for COVID-19 is available to patients seven days a week in Louisville serving all of Boulder County. If you have recently been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, wait between 5-7 days for testing in order to capture a more accurate result. Rapid testing and standard PCR testing is performed by appointment only.

Rapid COVID-19 Testing FAQs:

Q. What is a Rapid COVID-19 Test? 

A. A Rapid COVID-19 test is an antigen or molecular test that detects active COVID-19 in a patient. Rapid tests can determine if you are actively sick with the virus and contagious to others.

Q. How does Rapid COVID Testing Work? 

A. A swab is used to take a sample from the back of your nose that is then analyzed for determining an active COVID-19 infection. The process takes a few minutes to complete. Antigen test results are faster than PCR tests, but less accurate. 

Q. What should I do if I have a positive result? 

A. Stay home and begin quarantining from others. Do not go outside unless for medical emergency or other medical reasons. If you have been in contact with others, let them know you have tested positive for COVID. 

Q. What should I do if I have a negative test? 

A. Continue maintaining distance between others and wear a mask when in public. Wash your hands frequently. If you are experiencing symptoms, you may have been tested too early and should get tested again. If you receive a negative antigen test, it may be recommended to send out a PCR test to ensure accuracy. 

Q. Is rapid COVID-19 testing covered by insurance? 

A. Rapid COVID tests are only covered by certain insurances and depend on your policy. PCR tests are covered by most major insurances. 

Q. Are there other types of COVID-19 testing available? 

A. AFC Louisville & Boulder offers antigen and molecular rapid tests for patients experiencing symptoms, and antibody testing.

Q. Where can I get rapid COVID-19 testing near Louisville? 

A. AFC Urgent Care Louisville offers rapid testing for all patients near Louisville, Boulder, Superior, and Broomfield, CO. Schedule your rapid test with us today. 

What can I do to prepare for the COVID-19 rapid test?

Make sure you are wearing a mask or protective face covering when visiting AFC Urgent Care Louisville, only lowering it when asked to collect the swab sample.  

The rapid tests are only able to detect active cases of COVID-19. If you think you had COVID in the past, but do not have it now, please read more about antibody testing

How does the rapid test detect COVID-19?

The rapid test is a more efficient way to detect an active case of COVID-19. While standard PCR testing has a turnaround time of 2-4 days for results, rapid testing results come back the same day. After the swab is performed and the sample is taken, it is brought to a specialized machine that will combine the sample with a mix of chemicals that will be able to detect the presence of the active COVID-19 virus. Results will be printed and returned to the patient at the time of the visit. 

Benefits of rapid testing

The rapid test will be able to detect the virus and allow us to provide results to patients the same day they are tested, allowing patients to adjust their behavior accordingly. If your test comes back with a positive result, be prepared to remain in self-isolation for at least 10 days, with at least three days symptom-free. 

You should also make sure to inform anyone you have come into contact with in recent days that they should get tested. If your result comes back negative, continue following local health and safety guidelines including continued practice of social distancing, washing your hands frequently and wearing a mask or protective face covering in public areas. 

Additional Insurance and Rapid COVID Testing Information: 

Schedule an appointment for COVID-19 testing at AFC Urgent Care Louisville seven days a week. We accept most major insurance carriers. For self-pay patients, the test is $199. Our center is open extended evening and weekend hours to accommodate your schedule. For more information about COVID-19 Rapid testing, please call 720-961-9700