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How Does STD Testing Work?

There are several reasons why you may need to take an STD screening. You may have had a so-called “risky” sexual relationship with a partner whose past you do not know or have experienced a condom accident. These instances and other factors may increase the risk of contracting an STD, thereby prompting a need for an STD test. AFC Urgent Care Boulder County provides STD tests for all patients. We can test for all STDs, and we provide confidential and discreet testing. Visit our AFC Louisville location today for a test.

When is the best time to get tested?

Most people only start paying attention to their health after being exposed to symptoms that make their lives uncomfortable, such as discharge from the penis or vagina, itching, burning at urination, ulcers in the genital areas, and other abnormalities. However, it is always important to note that STDs do not show symptoms or remain in the latent stages in many cases. During this time, they can accumulate power to damage your body or cause serious complications.

You don’t have to experience symptoms before you get yourself tested. You can always ask your doctor to receive a blood test for a full STI and STD screening.

Different types of STD tests & what they include


Gonorrhea may show little or no symptoms, especially in women. In other cases, it may cause abnormal discharge of the penis or vagina, pain or burning at urination, menstrual abnormalities, or painful sex. If you notice any of these symptoms, don’t hesitate to get tested. It would be wise to do the test after unprotected sex.

How to test?

Your doctor will take a discharge sample or test the urethra, vagina, or anus smear. A urine test can also be helpful.


In most cases, Chlamydia has no symptoms, so it is crucial to test every time after being exposed to unprotected sex with unsecured partners. In rare cases, Chlamydia can cause itching, abnormal discharge, burning or pain at urination, or swelling in the genital areas.

How to test?

Chlamydia may be tested in various ways. After taking a look at the discharge of the cervix, your doctor may want to do a smear test of the penis, urethra, cervix, or anus. Another option is a urine test.


The common symptom includes itching, pain, and burns in the genital areas. An increase in temperature, weakness, swollen lymph nodes, headaches, muscle pain, and frequent urination is common with Herpes.

How to test?

Laboratory tests used to diagnose this disease are divided into two groups: (1) methods for detecting HSV and (2) methods for detecting anti-HSV antibodies.

What the test looks out for

There is no single test for all STD; the screening test differs depending on the type of STI sought. This may be a urine test, check swap, a blood test, or a clinical examination of the genitals.

For example, a test for hepatitis B or C, HIV, or syphilis is done through a blood test. This test may be done at any time of the day.

Also, the diagnosis of genital Herpes is made at the inspection of the lesions by a doctor. When the appearance of the lesions leaves a doubt, a sample can be taken to confirm the diagnosis.

As earlier mention, to detect Chlamydia and gonorrhea, urine tests are usually done. There are, however, other methods such as vaginal or urethra sampling.

Can I get tested at AFC Urgent Care Boulder County?

Yes, you can! STD testing is usually quick, painless, and occasionally even free. You can always walk into AFC Urgent Care Louisville and get tested at your convenience.

Remember, you don’t have to experience symptoms before you get yourself tested. You can always ask your doctor to prescribe a blood test for a full STI and STD screening.

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