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Reasons You May Visit an Urgent Care this Winter

Cold, fever, flu, or sore throats are not uncommon in winters. You might have seen many people visiting healthcare centers as the temperature drops. It is because many times, the doctor’s office is closed when you need immediate medical assistance. This is where urgent care centers step in. Fortunately, AFC Urgent Care Boulder County offers extended hours into the evening and on weekends, and we do not require appointments for urgent care services.

Here we have enlisted some of the common reasons people visit urgent care in winters. 

Top Reasons to Visit Urgent Care

Cold and Flu

Upper respiratory infections are one of the top reasons for urgent care visit in winters. While the symptoms of the two illnesses are similar, doctors need to determine the type and severity. Many people take flu shots to prevent the symptoms. However, seeking treatment is important if you catch the virus.

Treatment & Diagnosis Options-  in most flu and cold cases, runny nose and cough are common symptoms. Doctors at urgent care clinic can prescribe you antiviral medicines to decrease the duration of the ailment.

Sore Throat

Sore throat is often an indication of cold & flu. 

However, in some cases, it can be mononucleosis. While there is no definite treatment for sore throat or mononucleosis, visiting an urgent care facility can help identify an infection accompanying the condition. 

Treatment & Diagnosis Options-  a sore throat can be contagious and exacerbate if not treated timely. Doctors may prescribe you appropriate antibiotics. 

Strains and Sprains

A sprained knee, ankle, or wrist is a common reason for urgent care visits. Determining on your own whether your ankle or wrist injury is a fracture or sprain is hard. A visit to urgent care can help you diagnose the problem and suggest the correct treatment.

Treatment & Diagnosis Options – once diagnosed, doctors may prescribe you pain relievers and treatment courses depending on your condition.


High fevers are an indication of an infection in the body. Head to urgent care to ensure it doesn’t get serious. 

Treatment & Diagnosis Options – visit to urgent care can help you determine the cause of your high fever. Doctors may prescribe antiviral or antibiotics depending on the infection you’re suffering from. 

Urgent Care Services

Although an injury or illness is not life-threatening most of the time, you shouldn’t delay the treatment. Urgent care centers offer easy-to-access healthcare services, especially when a primary care doctor is not available. They have a walk-in setting and are open seven days a week to provide affordable and quick medical care.


Overall, as the chilly season spikes the number of doctor visits, it engages doctors, and you might find it difficult to schedule an appointment with them. The affordable medical facility centers offer convenient and skillful care to many common illnesses. Visit AFC Urgent Care Boulder County for any illnesses and injuries this season.   

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