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How to stay safe this Winter

Accidents happen, and AFC Urgent Care Louisville is here for you. People are more likely to break bones during the Winter because of icy and snowy conditions. There is also a risk of getting sick with a cold, the flu, bronchitis, or even pneumonia. The second wave of COVID has brought everyone into a frenzy, so it’s important to take the proper precautions to stay safe this season. We are here to provide you with any information you may need. For any questions or concerns, call our clinic now.

Broken Bones

It is very easy to break or fracture a bone during the winter season due to icy sidewalks or driveways. It is important to throw salt down as soon as possible to avoid the snow from freezing over. If you are walking in freezing conditions, try and keep your hands clear from holding anything. This will help prevent further injury by having hot coffee spills or heavy things fall on you. Always use railings and handles when they are available. If you are unsure if your wrist, hand, or other body part is broken or fractured, visit our clinic to receive an x-ray and treatment from our trained physicians. Your wrist may be broken if you are experiencing:

  • Swelling and bruising
  • Pain when moving or touching the area
  • Any deformity

Safety while Shoveling

It is more common for someone to experience a heart attack during the cold months. If someone does not have a particularly active lifestyle and increases their heart rate quickly by shoveling snow, their chance of having a heart attack increases. Always try and have someone younger shovel any driveways or sidewalks, if available. There are a few ways to help avoid this from happening:

  • Increase your heart rate slowly before shoveling by stretching or doing other light activities
  • Take frequent breaks and drink a lot of water in between
  • Never lift the snow with your back. Always push the snow, or lift with your legs.
  • Stop immediately and go inside or call 911 if you start experiencing chest pain or have shortness of breath.


The risk of contracting a virus also goes up in the Winter months with illnesses like the flu or pneumonia. It’s essential to keep yourself and your loved ones safe this year, with the risk of contracting COVID being so high. The best way to avoid getting the flu is by getting an annual flu shot. It is recommended that anyone over six months get a flu shot, especially if they are pregnant or are at risk of complications. Avoiding close contact with others and washing your hands frequently will also help prevent any illness spread.

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