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Does This Cut Need Stitches?

Accidents happen all the time, from missing and slicing your finger when trying to prepare dinner for your family to tripping on a crack in the sidewalk to bumping into a piece of furniture before you have a chance to turn on the light. Some of the most common injuries sustained day to day are cuts and lacerations. Cuts can be misleading at first, seeming only superficial when in fact they hit deeper into the skin and may require stitches to heal properly. Because stitches are open wounds, it is critical that they are treated as soon as possible to avoid infections from entering and spreading through the injury and to prevent scar tissue from forming. Open seven days a week, AFC Urgent Care Louisville can provide effective and efficient injury diagnosis and treatment for cuts and lacerations, including stitches. 

How do stitches work?

Stitches are performed by using sterilized, specialized thread called sutures to sew an open wound shut. The process is most common on injuries that are located on major joints including the knees, elbows, wrists and fingers, or if the cut is located close to the eye. There are two types of thread used to perform stitches: absorbable sutures, which dissolve on their own as the wound heals, and non-absorbable thread, which will require a follow-up visit to remove.

How can I tell if my cut will require stitches?

Not every cut will require stitches to heal properly. In order to tell if you will need examination and treatment from a medical professional, check to see if the cut meets these factors:

  • The cut is over one-quarter of an inch deep or over one inch long in any direction
  • Deep tissue, tendons or bone are visible through the cut
  • The cut will not stop bleeding after fifteen minutes of continuous pressure is applied to it
  • The cut is located on a major joint or near your eye
  • The skin around the cut has uneven or jagged edges, which can lead to scar tissue forming or infections entering the wound
  • You are unsure if the cut meets any of the above

It is important not to wait to get checked out after sustaining a cut that may or may not require stitches. If you are unsure of its depth or whether or not it will need stitches to heal properly, visit AFC Urgent Care Louisville during our convenient walk-in hours.

Injury Treatment & Stitches in Louisville, Boulder & Superior, CO

If you have sustained an injury, visit AFC Urgent Care Louisville today! We will be able to assess and treat your injury with a quick turnaround time and at less of a cost than a traditional emergency room visit. For questions, please call 720-961-9700

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